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Posted 1 year ago @ 8:13AM

Roznowski/Voltz Hired to Head Track Programs

ALPENA, MI - Alpena High School is pleased to announce the hiring of Trevor Roznowski as its new Girls Varsity Track Head Coach. Roznowski has been coaching at Alpena for the last 3 years as Assistant Track Coach (throws) and JV Football Assistant Coach. Roznowski is a graduate of Alpena High School and graduated from Ferris State in 2021, where he was a track and field athlete.  He has been working as a long-term substitute while completing a student teaching experience at Alpena High School. Roznowski is a positive and self-driven individual aiming to better himself and those around him in a team-focused role as a coach.


Alpena High School is also pleased to announce the hiring of Rick Voltz as Boys Varsity Track Head Coach.  Voltz has been a dedicated educator with 24 years of Physical Education experience at Alpena Public Schools. Voltz has coached Track at Thunder Bay Junior High since 2018.  He has a passion for teaching students and student/athletes the importance of lifelong activity, health, and fitness.Voltz coaches with a focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, individual growth, and character building. 

“Unfortunately, Coach Riffert had to step down as boy’s track coach due to taking a new position. Coach Riffert did an outstanding job with our program. Thanks Coach Riffert. " said Studley, “ We had some really great candidates and two great people stood out from the rest. I am pleased to announce Rick Voltz and Trevor Roznowski as the new leaders of our track program.” “Both Rick and Trevor bring a love for student athlete success to this position and they have  a lot of experience. Rick has over 20 years of coaching experience and Trevor was a student athlete at Ferris State as a throws member.”

For more information please contact APS District Athletic Director, Jon Studley



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