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Alpena Public Schools Athletics


Alpena Public Schools Athletics

Stadium Lights

Join us in building the future of Wildcat Stadium

Alpena High School’s Wildcat Stadium was opened in 1967, and it has been home to thousands of students for fifty years. Possibly you are one of those students and remember playing on the field, running on the track, marching in the band, or cheering on your classmates.


A half-century of use has taken its toll on Wildcat Stadium. What was once a beautifully modern, fully functional facility is now in need of tender, loving care. Our lights are not up to code, our narrow track has not been used in many years, and our field is costly and hard to maintain.


We have a culture of excellence at AHS in sports and academics due to the community’s generous involvement. We now have the exciting opportunity to build on this tradition by upgrading the time-worn stadium and bring it up to modern standards once again.


Alpena High School has embarked on a Wildcat Stadium Renovation Project to bring our stadium up to date and enhance our athletic teams while offering our fans a better spectator experience. This important project will not be possible without support from the entire community.  With your help, we can continue to renovate Wildcat Stadium and ensure that it will be available to our future generations.

Project Overview

The Stadium Renovation Project is a multi-phase venture overseen by the AHS Athletic Department.

It began with the donation of an ATV for our athletic trainer to improve the safety of our athletes. It continued with the construction of a new video scoreboard and sound system. We are now in the process of installing four new stadium lights. However, the remaining four lights no longer meet the MHSAA guidelines and recommendations. Completing the lighting project in our stadium will mean a brighter, safer, friendlier environment for the players and fans alike.


Alpena Public Schools is one of the lowest funded districts from the State of Michigan. Due to the lack of district financial resources, we are required to raise all funds for this project from the community, local businesses, and private organizations. No part of this project can be paid for with school dollars and all funds are raised in advance of the purchase of materials or equipment.

What we have already accomplished

Thus far, we have raised slightly more than $180,000 which was used to purchase and install a state-of-the-art video scoreboard and sound system in which 100% of the advertising proceeds go directly to fund the renovation project. In addition, we have completed phase one of the stadium lights portion of the project. We have purchased and installed new, brighter, 30 lumens per square foot lights for four of our eight light towers.

Future goals

We are now looking forward to the second phase of the stadium lights portion of the project, which is the purchase and installation of the remaining four light towers. Our goal for this portion of the project, with your assistance, is September 2018. We also need to repaint each of the eight existing light towers. In future years, we hope to make field improvements which could include a multi-sports turf, depending on the financial resources that are graciously donated.

Ways to give

Your generous donations can make a significant difference for the players and students of AHS and our community as a whole.

· Scoreboard advertising is a great way to give. We have the potential to reach thousands of people with your message.

· Specialty announcements are also a fun, inexpensive way to show your support.

· Large contributors may be given an option to choose a name for the field at Wildcat Stadium. 

· Rent the stadium for receptions, grad parties, or movie nights.

· Donations of any kind are also accepted at any time in the athletic office at the ad dress below.


For advertising options, click here to download a Printable Form.

 Form can be mailed to the Athletic Office with a check or email your completed form and pay with SchoolPay .

Contact us

Businesses and individuals may contact Tim Storch, Athletic Director for details about how to join our advertising team or otherwise donate to building the future of Wildcat Stadium.

Timothy Storch, Athletic Director

3303 S. Third Avenue

Alpena, MI 49707

Phone: 989-358-5351

Fax: 989-358-5312

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